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"Holy Protection" Parish Sisterhood

Our parish is blessed with an active and dedicated group of women, organized as the "Protection of the Mother of God" parish sisterhood.  Since the founding of our parish the women have been an integral part of the growth and development of our community.  Whether through their fund-raising activities, or their help in church, our sisterhood members have made an incalculable contribution to our parish. 

The sisterhood is composed of women of different backgrounds and ages whose common goal is the growth and success of St. John's parish.  Their main fund-raising activity consists of Ukrainian food sales, which are held every Thursday from September through June.  They also cater functions at the church hall, sponsor parish meals and luncheons, decorate the hall and church, and help in other ways.

As they are under the patronage of the Protection of the Mother of God, a feast day (October 1/14) very dear to the Ukrainian people, the parish honours our sisterhood members at a luncheon held on the Sunday nearest to the feast day of the Holy Protection.  Sisterhood meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.